What is the difference between the Frequent Dining Program and our new Loyalty program?

  • It is ALL Mobile! Guests are now identified by their mobile number and will receive offers through their mobile phone. No more VIP rewards card and no more paper coupons.

What if I was already a member of Frequent Dining?

  • Then your information and points have already been transferred over. Please go online to any BFRG website and click on the Loyalty program and update any personal information necessary.

What if I was a member of Frequent Dining and you didn’t have my mobile number?

  • You can join now by entering your mobile number. You will also need to give your mobile number and full name on the account to your server so we can attach your number to your prior account.

If I have a paper coupon from the Frequent Dining program is it still valid?

  • Yes, as long as we have not passed the expiration date printed on the bottom of that coupon.

How do I join the Mobile Loyalty Program?

  • Text “Rewards” to (302)375-5585. You will receive a welcome text to the program.

Can there be two different numbers on an account?

  • No, only one number per account and only one offer can be used per check.

What if I don’t have a mobile phone?

  • A landline phone number can be entered and you can track your points online at any BFRG website and see your eligible offers.

How do I check to see how many points I have?

  • Text “Points” to (302)375-5585 and you will receive a text with your current point balance or you can go to any BFRG website and track your points.

How do I earn points?

  • Text your point’s code located at the bottom of your check to (302)375-5585. If you do not have a mobile phone a staff member can add your points to your check for you. You earn points on food and beverage purchase only.

How do I see what eligible offers I have to use while dining?

  • Text “Resend” to (302)375-5585 and you will receive texts of your offers. If no mobile phone a server can look it up for you.

What happens when I delete my offer text? Do I lose that offer?


  • No, your offers are always valid until their expiration date. If you delete your offer text, just text the word ‘‘Resend” to (302)-375-5585 to see all available offers.

How do I redeem an offer?

  • Text “Redeem” to (302)375-5585 and you will receive a text message stating your offer was redeemed and your check has been discounted. You will see the mobile discount on your check. If you do not have a mobile phone a staff member can select your eligible offer and discount for you.

How do I track points online?

  • Go to any BFRG website and click on the Loyalty program and enter your code.

What is my code?

  • After your first initial visit you will receive a text to complete sign up. This is where you will setup your password or code to enter your personal information…full name, address, email, birth date, etc.

How do I update any personal information to my account? Ex: name change or email change.

  • Go to any BFRG website and click on the Loyalty program. Then enter your code and click on Edit Profile.

What are the offers and do they change?

  • The offers are a free lunch (up to $13) at 100 points, a free appetizer (up to $10 value) at 200 points, a Lunch for 2 (up to $25 value) at 500 points and dinner for two (up to $50) at 1000 points. We also send out birthday offers and soon, anniversary offers.

How long are the offers valid?

  • The point level offers are valid for 90 days. The birthday offer is valid for 30 days. If an offer is expired, that means it is expired. It is not our responsibility and we will not reissue another offer or discount a check for that offer.

Are there any restrictions on when an offer may be used?

  • Yes, offers can’t be combined with other offers or promotions. Also, the system will automatically lock redemptions on holidays and holiday weekends so no offers can be used.

Can I earn points when I purchase gift cards?

  • No, points can’t be earned on the purchase of gift cards only on the redemption.

Can multiple people at my table use offers?

  • No, only one offer per check. A check may be split but it will have the same check number. Only one discount per check number.

Can multiple people at my table earn points?

  • No, the system will award the points to the first number who texts the points code. The next person will get a response saying sorry.

How long are points codes valid for?

  • The points code that prints at the bottom of your guest check is only valid for 48 hours from the time that is stated on the check.

Can I earn points on off-premise catered events, private functions and/or structured events in the restaurant? Or on platter orders from the market?

  • No. These types of events require us to design specials menus, pricing and guidelines.


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